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"A.Ra.Shi, A.Ra.Shi, For Dream~"


I'm KantanaAmaya; a 19 year old college student who studies International Business and Japanese language. She love Japanese culture, J-pop, K-pop, languages, singing, rapping, dancing, acting, sewing, cosplay, anime, j-dramas, and k-dramas. I used to write a lot of fiction, but went on hiatus for about two years. I am returning now, and hopefully will stay for awhile. ^-^

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My prompt card for rainbowfilling!

JUN/AIBA FREE SQUARE Hair pins got lost Tea time Promises "Running on Dayquil and a prayer"
Cigarettes JUN/OHNO FREE SQUARE Innocence Left behind on a bridge It's no secret
Pleasure "I always thought you'd grow some wings and fly" AIBA/NINO FREE SQUARE Monochrome Aloe
Electricity bill Gradually After dark OHNO/SHO FREE SQUARE Baby cruising love
Tissues are amazing inventions You look like a tourist Grape soda Elite AIBA/OHNO FREE SQUARE